• Ken Leung

How to succeed in business transformation

When we talk about transformation, the change is so deep and fundamental that it will never go back. In nature, the butterfly will never return to being a caterpillar. In human systems, it is a mindset shift that achieves the same effect – when people become open to new ways of looking at what’s possible for them and their organisation, they can never return to a state of not having that more expansive perspective. Transformation can only be achieved when people think and work differently. Core to this, is the need for organisations to identify and surface their organisational truth and use it to help their people align their own personal truth.

Our approach to transformation is fundamentally about shifting mindsets and behaviours and supporting organisations do this through structural and cultural change. We believe that transformation requires a whole-system approach that places emphasis on both structural and cultural aspects. It is only by taking this holistic whole-system approach will it be possible to identify and surface the organisational truth, and achieve sustainable business transformation

In this video, Chris Bevan, Simon Broome, Emer Wynne and Ken Leung discuss what constitutes a transformation, and what needs to be in place for it to succeed . Do you agree with what we say? Do you have your own change project or programme issues that you are currently experiencing?

This video was produced by our partners, Empiric, who is an award-winning recruitment agency specialising in data, digital, cloud and security. With offices in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and even the USA, Empiric is a truly international agency focusing on finding the best professionals for high-profile companies.

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