• Ken Leung

Creating the right environment for transformation

Having the right environment is crucial to provide the conditions that are conducive to business transformation. Without it, you will find it difficult to sustain or even mobilise the effort.

Creating the right environment for transformation will vary from organisation to organisation. It very much depends on the prevailing culture, capability and capacity of the organisation and its leaders to transform.

It’s a bit like a mountain climbing expedition. It would be foolish to just set off and attempt the climb without any preparation. To prepare you’ll need an experienced leader who understands the scale of the challenge, you’ll need to understand the physical fitness of the team, their climbing skills, their psychological resilience, their level of trust and ability to work together as a team, the available budget to buy equipment and a route that they feel confident in taking. In this context creating the right environment would be to address each aspect accordingly until you are adequately prepared for the expedition.

In this video, Chris Bevan, Simon Broome, Emer Wynne and Ken Leung discuss what it means to have the right environment for transformation. Do you agree with what we say? Do you have your own change project or programme issues that you are currently experiencing?

This video was produced by our partners, Empiric, who is an award-winning recruitment agency specialising in data, digital, cloud and security. With offices in the UK, Scandinavia, Europe and even the USA, Empiric is a truly international agency focusing on finding the best professionals for high-profile companies.

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