• Ken Leung

Truth in Transformation

The concept of truth in transformation is critical. Leaders need to uncover the truth in their organisations and make the necessary preparations before embarking on what is a complex, disruptive, costly and time-consuming endeavour. Failure to do so will mean that the transformation is unlikely to success or perhaps even make the situation worst.

The ‘truth’ represents your current organisational reality. It includes the current level of psychological safety felt by your people to make themselves heard, and to make a material contribution to the transformation effort. It is the level of trust that your people have of their leaders. It is the belief that they have in the vision and the degree to which they are compelled by it. It also includes the level of capability and capacity that the organisation possesses to define, plan, design and implement the transformation.

If leaders do not spend the time to uncover their organisational truth, and address the underlying issues, before they embark on the journey to transform their organisation, they are likely to face a very tough time and ultimately fail to achieve the outcomes that they need. It’s a bit like embarking on an expedition to climb Mount Everest without any assessment of your team’s mental, physical and expertise to do so. Would you do that ?

Outvie discusses the truth in business transformation. Do you agree with what we say? Do you have your own change project issues that you're currently experiencing?

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