Business Transformation is complex,

but it doesn't have to be difficult

Transformation Services

We can help at each stage of your transformation, even if you’re already part-way through a programme. We use a whole-system approach to business transformation that carefully blends people, process, technology and culture to enable your organisation to transform in a way that works for you and your people.

Our approach is the culmination of decades of learning and practice and its components are flexible enough to be applied as discrete services or combined to create a tailored solution. Here are just 4 key combinations that might resonate with you ...


Transformation Diagnostics


If you just need to understand the critical actions that you need to take to mobilise your transformation or reinvigorate your inflight transformation, then you may want to consider our Transformation Diagnostics service. 


Our Transformation Diagnostics service can help you identify what your organisation needs to prepare for transformation, or help you diagnose what’s wrong with an existing transformation.


This service leverages the Assess component of our approach where we’ve developed an integrated qualitative and quantitative assessment that combines in-depth conversational interviewing with your leaders and a workforce diagnostic that analyses the sentiment of your entire organisation.


Our conversational interviews are underpinned by a multi-point interview protocol that can be tailored for your organisation; and we use a workforce diagnostics tool that is underpinned by robust organisational theory, specifically, organisational sensemaking.


Through the Transformation Diagnostics, we will help you identify a set of integrated interventions that you can implement to mobilise or reinvigorate your transformation in weeks, not months.

Transformation Diagnostics+

If you want us to help you operationalise the critical interventions that we’ve recommended, then Transformation Diagnostics+ will provide more hands-on support.


Our Transformation Diagnostics + service builds on our Transformation Diagnostics service, by leveraging the Assess and Prepare components of our approach. This service provides hands-on support to help you implement the structural and cultural interventions that we have identified, in order to mobilise your new transformation or reinvigorate an inflight transformation that is not going to plan.  


We will work with you to integrate the required structural and cultural interventions into an overall transformation approach that will work for your situation and your organisation. This could be a completely new approach that we will co-create with you to mobilise your transformation or we can help you adapt your existing approach, taking into account your inflight change portfolio.

Transformation Lifecycle

If you want hands-on help to mobilise your transformation and get it to the point when you’re motoring along, then we suggest you consider our premium Transformation Lifecycle service. 

Our premium Transformation Lifecycle service helps you define, mobilise and sustain your transformation.  It brings together all 5 components of our approach embodied in our Transformation Diagnostics+ and Transformation Design services and further enhanced with our @Scale and &Coach offerings that are unique to this service. 


Once we have engaged your leaders and workforce with a compelling rationale, we will work with you, and the collective intelligence of your workforce, to co-create designs at the market, organisation and solution levels. 


Rather than jumping straight to large, complex and costly technology solutions, we will work with you to identify, co-create and test minimum viable solutions. Only when we are both confident that a solution works, will we help you scale it. 


Our @Scale offering helps you translate your working minimum viable solutions into robust scaled solutions by working with your technology and procurement teams, to make or buy in line with the transformation roadmap.


Our player-coach philosophy compels us to roll up our sleeves as players, but also help you build your own longer term capability, in our role as coaches. Our &Coach offering helps you take back the reigns with confidence through leadership coaching, dialogue modelling and transition support.

Transformation Design

A critical ingredient of any transformation is the design, and many transformations fail because of the lack of a robust design that clearly specifies the ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘how’. 


Our Transformation Design service provides hands-on support on design at the market, organisation and solution levels. It helps you design your transformation at the ecosystem, organisation and solution levels, by leveraging the Imagine and Design components of our approach.


At the market level, we work with you to co-create a compelling rationale for transformation, taking into account your competitive position and the key market challenges that you face as well as the potential of technology to disrupt your market.


At the organisation level, we work with you, and the collective intelligence in your organisation,  to co-create a robust target operating model with clear outcomes, to paint a compelling picture of how the organisation will operate and the timeframe for its realisation. 


To aid the adoption of the design, we will work with you to identify the required behaviour changes and design relevant interventions. We will also work with you to enhance the way you communicate the design, and the associated changes, to your workforce using a choice architecture or ‘nudges’.


At the solution level, we work with your organisation to identify, co-create and test minimum viable solutions that work and kick-start the process of shifting mindsets and ways of working. Solutions that can then be scaled with confidence to sustain the transformation. 


Think & Work Differently

Transformation can only be achieved when people think and work differently. Our approach to transformation is fundamentally about shifting mindsets and behaviours and supporting organisations do this through structural and cultural change. We believe that transformation requires a whole-system approach that places emphasis on both structural and cultural aspects. 

Tailored Approach

We recognise that each organisation has a unique persona, embodied in its values, culture, structures and ways of working.  So it stands to reason that the right approach to change will be different for every organisation. For us, the starting point will always be an open mind.  We will never prejudge the solution.

Humanity-led Transformation

For the over 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution, society and the workplace has witnessed profound and relentless change, powered by innovation, technology and the creativity of the human mind. 


Business transformation has been fueled by technology and focused on process, often at the expense of people. However, technology alone will not transform an organisation. We can’t transform a caterpillar by giving it the technology to fly. It will continue to act and behave in the same way, just a caterpillar with wings. Not a butterfly. Similarly, we cannot transform an organisation by changing the technology alone. It will largely do the same thing- just with more or new technology. The reality is that every business transformation requires people to think and work differently and sometimes in a fundamentally different way.


Business transformation in the 21st century needs to focus on human systems and to harness the power of human creativity. Human systems create what they imagine. Unlocking and unleashing the human potential of an organisation to use technology in creative ways is the only way to achieve genuine and sustainable transformation.

Think & Work Differently