Business Transformation is complex,

but it doesn't have to be difficult


Tailored Approach

We recognise that each organisation has a unique persona, embodied in its values, culture, structures and ways of working.  So it stands to reason that the right approach to change will be different for every organisation. 


For us, the starting point will always be an open mind.  We will never prejudge the solution. Our approach is the culmination of decades of learning and practice and its components are flexible enough to be combined to create a tailored solution that meets your needs and achieves your strategic goals.

Think & Work Differently

Our approach to transformation is fundamentally about shifting mindsets and behaviours and supporting organisations do this through structural and cultural change. 


Whole-system Thinking

We have developed our approach through decades of experience, incorporating theories, practices and insights from a number of fields including business strategy, business design, business architecture, organisational change, organisational behaviour and social psychology. As a learning organisation, we strive to continuously evolve our thinking and our approach to transformation. Our approach comprises of 5 components :

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Take a bold step to imagine what the future could and should be ...

Transformation requires an organisations to take a bold step to fundamentally change the way it works. It cannot be achieved through timid increments to the status quo.


We will work with you to imagine a new way of operating that aligns with your ambition, strategy, proposition, purpose and values. The resulting conceptual model will define the features and principles for  how you will interact with your customers, how you will operate and how you will shift limiting mindsets and dysfunctional behaviours to create a more healthy and effective organisation.

We believe that successful transformations are led and sustained from within by authentic leaders with the will to make real change happen and the humility to take people with them on the journey. We will coach and support individual leaders to build the resilience, self awareness and an engaging style to lead the transformation with authenticity. 


We also believe that the approach to transformation must allow collaboration between those delivering the changes and those receiving them to ensure that the new ways of working can be embedded and sustained. We will work with you to build this collaboration through engagement and dialogue with leaders and the workforce.


We will capitalise on our understanding of your organisational truth, our experience and the practical insights that we have distilled from behavioural science to help you create an environment that is conducive for your transformation.


Create the right environment that is conducive for your transformation ...


Scale the design and orchestrate the transformation ...

Minimal viable solutions are a great way to mobilise the transformation, but they may not be appropriately scaled to be sustainable over the longer term. 

We will work with you to translate feasible minimum viable solutions into robust portfolio of sustainable industrial strength solutions underpinned by a roadmap that changes are phased to minimise the disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

Humanity-led Transformation

For the over 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution, society and the workplace has witnessed profound and relentless change, powered by innovation, technology and the creativity of the human mind. 


Business transformation has been fueled by technology and focused on process, often at the expense of people. However, technology alone will not transform an organisation. We can’t transform a caterpillar by giving it the technology to fly. It will continue to act and behave in the same way, just a caterpillar with wings. Not a butterfly. Similarly, we cannot transform an organisation by changing the technology alone. It will largely do the same thing- just with more or new expensive technology. The reality is that every business transformation requires people to think and work differently and sometimes in a fundamentally different way.


Business transformation in the 21st century needs to focus on human systems and to harness the power of human creativity. Human systems create what they imagine. Unlocking and unleashing the human potential of an organisation to use technology in creative ways is the only way to achieve genuine and sustainable transformation.



Assess today's cultural and structural realities to seek your organisational truth ...

There is an organisational truth that is inherent in any organisation but usually unspoken for reasons of fear which, if not confronted, can mean that the foundation for transformation is flawed. We believe that any transformation must start with the truth; an honest assessment of where you are as a business and how well equipped you are to set out on the transformation journey.


We will work with you to assess your capability and capacity to transform and tailor our approach to prepare you for the transformation that you need. Our assessment combines in-depth conversational interviewing, using a proven multi-point interview protocol, with an organisational-wide workforce diagnostic that provides comprehensive qualitative and quantitative insights. What's more, we can do this at pace, in weeks not months.


Co-create a clear and feasible blueprint to mobilise the transformation ...

Having a clear and feasible design blueprint is crucial to guide and deliver the transformation.


We can help you translate the conceptual model that you have ‘imagined’ into a clear and feasible blueprint. We will work with your leaders and workforce to identify, co-create and test minimal viable solutions using facilitated design sprints to mobilise your transformation in an agile and safe way.

We will leverage participative co-creation to tap into the collective intelligence of the organisation and foster greater commitment for the transformation.

Transformation X

Our approach is the culmination of decades of learning and practice and its components are flexible enough to be combined to create tailored solutions.


This is how we can be confident that our approach will be applied to meet the specifics of your unique circumstances. We know that one size does not fit all.

Think & Work Differently